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Vision Zero Advocate Program Overview

The Vision Zero Advocate Program initiates long-term development and planning in support of the traffic safety plan for a municipality or a traffic safety coalition. This is an opportunity to create a Vision Zero plan informed by international best practice and elevated by a Canadian focus on the Vision Zero methodology. The Vision Zero Advocate Program serves as a catalyst to this process.

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Vision Zero Advocate Conference

The Vision Zero Advocate Institute is excited to announce the second annual Vision Zero Advocate Conference, from February 28- March 2, 2018. A sold-out event with national coverage reaching millions, the inaugural event in Edmonton, Alberta was a great success for sponsors and vendors, while providing high value information for delegates.

The 2018 Vision Zero Advocate Conference will be held in Toronto at the downtown Delta Hotel from February 28 – March 2, 2018. Catering to municipalities and organizations adopting Vision Zero, the conference will build on the foundational concepts of Vision Zero, advancing the movement through concrete processes and strategic implementation.

Registration is now open! Visit for special offers and pricing, as well as to learn more about our presenters and program. 

Vision Zero in Canada

Vision Zero is a priority road safety framework for Canada, as outlined by the Canadian Council of Motor Transportation Administrators (CCMTA) in the release of their Road Safety Strategy 2025 (RSS 2025). The strategy, released in 2016, focuses on the long term of ensuring Canada’s roads are the safest in the world, while adding a greater focus on the vision of “towards zero” serious injuries and fatalities on the roadways.

Vision Zero Advocate Program

The Vision Zero Advocate Institute, supported by ATS Traffic, is bringing its Vision Zero Advocate Program to municipalities across the country, with the goal of accelerating the adoption of Vision Zero. With 50 years of experience in traffic safety solutions, ATS Traffic has strong ties to municipal action, deep understanding of the systemic changes that are required for Vision Zero, and the authentic commitment to ensure Canadians get home safely all elevate ATS Traffic’s value as a Vision Zero leader.

Customized Road Safety Solutions

With its seven-step process, the Vision Zero Advocate Program has been designed to allow for a thoughtful, comprehensive review of road safety in key communities. The Vision Zero Advocate Institute supports municipalities throughout the entire process, with Vision Zero coaches, toolkits and certified products.

Following a Vision Session, community leaders work with the grant and fundraising coach who will help to guide community organizations through the process of securing funds to support Vision Zero programming, such as membership in the Vision Zero Advocate Program.

The Vision Zero Advocate Program is designed to meet the need of communities, applying best practice principles from successful Vision Zero cities. Working within a municipality’s currently baseline measures, and highlighting the success of preexisting solutions, the Vision Zero Advocate Program builds on what has been done, transforming it into a plan that is set up for success.

Vision Zero Advocate Awards

The Vision Zero Advocate Institute is excited to announce the Vision Zero Advocate Awards, for communities who showcase dedication to safety, innovation and achieving a world with zero serious injuries and traffic fatalities. Presented in 2017, these awards are the first of their type in Canada, and represent a commitment to Vision Zero at the highest level.

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