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Canadian National Road Safety Week Wrap Up

Developed by the Canadian Safety Council, the Canadian National Road Safety Week (NRSW) is one of many campaigns focused on traffic safety throughout the year. Taking place annually, every May, NRSW is the kick off to the busy summer season, revitalizing commitment to traffic safety prior to one of the most dangerous driving seasons.

Royal Canadian Mountain Police (RCMP) detachments across multiple provinces increased enforcement through check stops and education campaigns, focused on risky activities. Summer in Canada stretches from May’s Victoria Day Weekend to September’s Labour Day, and enforcement officers, such as the Alberta Traffic Sheriffs typically experience an increase in traffic volume during this period. Unfortunately, with higher volumes, there is a greater likelihood of serious injuries and fatalities.

New technology was launched during NRSW, as the Halifax Regional Police announced two new cruisers committed to assist in the week-long safety campaign. The cruisers are equipped with “ghost decals” on the front and rear of the vehicle that disguise the car as a regular white sedan but have reflective police logos on them.

Halifax Regional Police Sergeant Mo Chediac reported the force was going for a subtle look for their vehicle, better equipping officers when patrolling for distracted driving, improper lane changes, and other traffic violations that are difficult to enforce.  Oftentimes drivers note the marked police vehicle ahead and correct their behavior before passing the officer, only to return to their illegal behavior once out of sight- Halifax’s approach tackles this issue. Whether this new approach will help officers ticket or educate the driver, officers are confident that both measures will drastically reduce the number of traffic violations within Halifax.

The efforts in Halifax are just one of many enforcement initiatives coming out of NRSW. Do your part as a driver and practice these important traffic safety tips this summer season:

  • Buckle up! Seat belts worn correctly can reduce the chances of death in a collision by 47%.
  • Don’t drink and drive. In Canada, almost 40% of fatally injured drivers had been drinking before the collision occurred.
  • Put your cell phone away. You are 23x more likely to be involved in a collision texting while driving.