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Candy Cane Checkstop: A Great Success

We love to provide spotlights on how Vision Zero Advocate Institute Communities integrate traffic safety into their program plans. The Candy Cane Checkstop is part of the larger Vision Zero Advocate Institute programming in Lac La Biche, Alberta. As one of our member communities, Lac La Biche has been lighting up the community with diverse and engaging initiatives that drive home the importance of Vision Zero. Read on for details about how they are supporting their Vision Zero goals with public education this holiday season.

This season, community peace officers have been visiting local elementary schools and speaking with students about what impaired driving is, the associated risks, and how they can help to make our roads safe. Chris Clark, Supervisor of Enforcement Services in Lac La Biche, Alberta, says they are seeing great results with the program.

Students drew a picture or wrote a message on an index card, brown bag (supplied by Students Against Drinking and Driving) or both. The brown bags were distributed to local liquor stores and are handed out with the purchase of alcohol. The candy canes are tied to the index cards by the Peace Officers and distributed to motorists during December checkstops.

They were well received by the public and send a strong message to not drink and drive.

Most of the motorists were shocked at how much the elementary students know about the risk of impaired driving and the comments on the cards are having an impact on the drivers.  They are very well received by the drivers.  Chris goes on to say “we see a noticeable decrease in local impaired driving investigations when the program is active”.

Great job, Lac La Biche!