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Vision Zero Advocate Institute Award Winners Announced

The Vision Zero Advocate Institute exists to support the accelerated adoption of Vision Zero, a traffic safety framework that works to eliminate serous traffic injuries and fatalities. We work with municipalities and corporations to identify traffic safety issues, providing pragmatic solutions for their unique context.

At the Institute, we recognize the considerable contributions that communities are already making to a safer world without serious injuries and fatalities. That is why we are proud to present you this year’s winners of the Vision Zero Advocate Institute Awards, announced at the 9th International Conference on Urban Traffic Safety. It was no easy feat to select our recipients, and we are pleased to have winners in three categories this year. We thank all who submitted entries, and commend you on your work to reduce serious injuries and fatalities on our roadways.

Most Innovative Public Education Campaign: Strathcona County

Public Education is a crucial step for any municipality working towards enhanced road safety and Vision Zero targets, as it establishes a clear line of communication while increasing public support and compliance.

The recipient for the Most Innovative Public Education Campaign is Strathcona County. Through an effective use of their stakeholder network and social media, Strathcona County demonstrated a keen understanding of public engagement tactics. Addressing speed, this neighbourhood traffic safety campaign was multipronged, with education efforts supported by strong enforcement and evaluation.

Congratulations to Strathcona County as the recipient of the Most Innovative Public Education Campaign award, presented by the Vision Zero Advocate Institute.

Most Innovative Municipality: City of St Albert

The Recipient for this year’s Most Innovative Municipality truly impressed our judging panel with their enthusiasm throughout the entire awards process. This municipality has put traffic safety at the forefront of everything they do, and it was a natural fit to recognize this dedicated contribution with the overarching title of Most Innovative Municipality.

This year’s recipient for the Most Innovative Municipality is the City of St Albert. This city demonstrated a multifaceted traffic safety approach, finding solutions to reduce the risk of left turns, enhancing visibility for crosswalks, and focusing on solutions for vulnerable road users, especially children and youth in school zones.

Congratulations to the City of St Albert for being awarded the Most Innovative Municipality from the Vision Zero Advocate Institute.

 Most Innovative Corporation: Lafarge Canada Inc.

The Vision Zero Advocate Institute recognizes the critical role that corporations and organizations play as stakeholders and road users, and how Vision Zero can be applied in corporate settings, strengthening an investment in safety and human life.

This year’s recipient of the Most Innovative Corporation is Lafarge Canada Inc. A global leader with operations in 90 countries, the Lafarge is committed to safety throughout their fleets and operations. The award selection committee was particularly impressed by the innovative thought Lafarge has applied to the Vision Zero commitment in Edmonton, investigating ways to use their technology as another source of information for road safety planning.

Congratulations to Lafarge Canada Inc for being recognized as the Most Innovative Corporation by the Vision Zero Advocate Institute Awards.