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Interested in Vision Zero, and not sure where to start? Clear on what your goal is, but need support to get there?

Book a 30 minute call with our Director, Alex Kelly, to learn more and figure out your next steps.

Together, we go through the Vision Zero framework, and how you can apply it in your community or organization.

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We’re pleased to announce the first book of its kind: The Road to Vision Zero.

This book is a detailed introduction to the Vision Zero initiative and is rooted in best practice strategies to take a municipal team from idea to implementation.

Get your copy of The Road to Vision Zero today.

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Vision Zero is data driven, and succeeds only with proven best-practice solutions. It is essential to have those resources before you start your journey

We collect what works, and bring it all to you, making Vision Zero a click away.

Access our resources for program ideas, tips and templates to accelerate your adoption of Vision Zero.

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Latest News

Alberta Updates Impaired Driving Legislation »

One week after new Alberta impaired driving laws came into effect, an impaired driver killed a 16-year old Edmonton girl, crossing the street, in a marked crosswalk. Bill C-46, or Alberta Administrative License Suspension, imposes a two-stage suspension on drivers caught driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

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Vision Zero Moments



The Vision Zero Advocate Institute and ATS Traffic have just produced the first video for a new series called “Vision Zero Moments”.

We interviewed people in the community about experiences that have changed the way they view traffic safety. We call these “Vision Zero Moments”. Clips from these interviews were pulled together to form a collection of experiences to remind us why Vision Zero is important. 

Traffic safety affects everyone, and we have a shared responsibility to keep each other safe on the road! 


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The Vision Zero Advocate Institute is committed to sharing the latest knowledge around this leading traffic safety framework, expanding the reach and supporting the accelerated adoption of Vision Zero.

If you are interested, want to learn more and stay connected to what is happening at the Vision Zero Advocate Institute, please click the button below to be added to our list.


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