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Welcome to the Vision Zero Advocate Institute. Our goal is to inform and educate on the successful adoption and implementation of Vision Zero.

On the Vision Zero Advocate Institute site, you will find resources to help you understand what Vision Zero is, how it works and what you can do to bring it to your community, government or organization.

Latest News

Partnership key for Vision Zero success »

The Vision Zero Advocate Institute is pleased to announce a partnership with Parachute, a national leader in injury prevention. With a strong commitment to traffic safety, both organizations are excited to work collaboratively to advance Vision Zero across Canada in a meaningful way.

Vision Zero on the Ground

There’s No One Someone Won’t Miss is a public service announcement produced by Australia’s Transport Accident Commission (TAC) Victoria and their Towards Zero Campaign. 

This PSA is a heartfelt reminder that each serious injury or fatality on roadways is someone that will be missed. As TAC Victoria summarizes it:

“At the heart of Towards Zero is the belief that human health is paramount to all else.” Together, we can build a safer road system and help change road safety for the better.”

The Vision Zero Advocate Institute profiles promising countermeasures, campaigns and activities. Interested in launching your own program, or having the Institute profile your work? Email us at

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The Vision Zero Advocate Institute is committed to sharing the latest knowledge around this leading traffic safety framework, expanding the reach and supporting the accelerated adoption of Vision Zero.

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